Hope for those of us with no style…

In response to Karin’s question, "Is there hope for those of us with no style?" I just want to offer a resounding "Yes!"

To put it bluntly, having a cool, ultra-high-functioning, slick-looking web page is great. It’s a good goal, after all, attractive things work better. That said, this is a difficult goal. Personally, I’m never going to have a good color sense. I know that about myself, and when it comes to my "art," I’ve found ways around it. You can’t get around it on the web, really. Color’s ubiquitous.

HOWEVER, let’s put aside that goal of the cool, ultra-high-functioning, slick-looking web page. Let’s start by going for something more obtainable:

Let’s start by trying to design web sites that don’t suck.

Blunt, I know, but it’s the truth. And in even better news, there is someone out there who takes it upon himself to show us web pages that suck, and explain what they did wrong. thus sparing us from making the same mistakes. If blogs are a bit much reading for you, he has a YouTube account, where you can watch films where he tries to navigate suck-y web pages and provides color commentary. It’s fun and educational, check it out.

Here’s one I enjoyed:

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