Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, declares bankruptcy on NBC's "The Office"
Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, declares bankruptcy on NBC’s “The Office”

I’m declaring bankruptcy.

No, we haven’t gotten to that point financially—not yet. But in terms of my online identity.

Primarily, this is in the form of email bankruptcy– I just either archived or deleted over two thousand emails in my inbox. I am now at Inbox: 2.

Inbox 2 feels amazing.

And beyond that, I’m declaring bankruptcy for myself when it comes to this blog. No, that doesn’t mean I’m quitting it, it means that I forgive myself the “debt” of the dozens of half-written blog posts that I have accumulated over the past several months.

Enough with the guilt.

Enough with the paralysis.

I’m moving on. Moving forward. Renewing my commitment to this project.

Test Subject V is doing great. Recently, over less than two weeks, she suddenly learned a military crawl, a regular crawl, discovered she could pull herself up to a standing position, began cruising, and learned to pull herself into a sitting position from lying on her belly.

And I am completely fucking exhausted.

Buckle up, readers. I’m back, and the ride is even bumpier. Higher highs and lower lows and the shocks gave out a couple months ago.

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V getting so mobile is, I’m sure, a definite contributing factor to the tiredness. You earned that exhaustion! (You also deserve your own forgiveness. I struggle with that in parenting, too!)

Parenting guilt is the hardest part of parenting to be ignored by most books on child-rearing.

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