…My first little try at making a movie.

Be nice– it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this.

I decided to work with images I found online that had something to do with US Labor History. You’ll see lots of Wobblies (just ’cause I’m fascinated by them), Emma Goldman, some of the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster, miners, a photo of members of the Knights of Labor, Trotsky reading a US Communist Party paper, broadsides, Eugene V Debs, WPA workers, depression-era farm families, a sharecropper’s house, the office of the Appeal to Reason… and a lot of other stuff… All put to Billy Bragg singing “L’Internationale.”

Hope you enjoy.

3 replies on “…My first little try at making a movie.”

Wow, great job. I didn’t have to watch more than a few seconds to realize that these digital skills are well worth their weight in gold. Time to get started on a few of my own!

A couple of the pans actually told a story…the one with the billboard of the car zoomed out to the bread line had impact.

Song was catchy.

Now we’ve identified the Bolshevik in the class!

Good Job, Bill

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