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I’m actually yoinking this from somewhere else, somewhat edited… I just thought it was pertinant and interesting research, and if y’all have the time, think about participating…

A couple of months back I saw a call for participants for the following research:
"The Impact of User Perceptions of Information Quality on World-wide Web Information Retrieval Strategies".

Responses have been pretty good, but at the moment my data is very heavily waited towards academics and researchers (as in university ‘staff’).  Some interesting patterns seem to be emerging between the two user-groups and I require more graduate students to validate this data.  If you have not already registered to be part of the user-groups (even if you are academic staff) please consider reading the documentation and registering.
How do Postgraduate students search for information on the WWWHow do Academics and Researchers search for information on the WWW
The links to the Call for Participants documentation (PDF’s) are below:
» Current academics, lecturers, university researchers etc,
» Current postgraduate students.(U.S. grad students)

Summary: In a nut-shell, the research involves understanding how academics and researchers go about searching for "quality" information on the World-wide Web.  The PDF documents briefly describe the project and what being part of the user-group entails (basically answering 4 online surveys which take a total of around 20 minutes to complete ~ not all have to be done at once),

To register your interest in being part of either user-group, please go to and fill in the registration form. 

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